Accommodation Search

Rented / Purchased Accommodation

The Accompanied Home Search programme will be tailored to meet the needs and schedule of the assignee and will include:

  • Welcome Pack (Includes A-Z Guide, Utilities and guide to services, Internet, Telecoms, Gas, Electricity etc, Restaurant Guide, Local and area information, Living in London Guide)
  • Needs Analysis
  • Research and preparation of itinerary to accommodate the needs of the assignee
  • Accompanied tour and inspection of suitable properties
  • Assistance with property selection
  • Submission of offer
  • Lease negotiation on behalf of the assignee
  • Arrange for lease to be signed by all parties
  • Co-ordination of security and initial lease payments (client funds)
  • Co-ordination of inventory check-in on behalf of the assignee
  • Arrange/support connection of utilities
  • Advise assignee of tenant obligations

This can potentially run from one to four days (and in some cases even longer) dependent upon specific requirements.  Upon receipt of the assignees detailed requirements, the Home Search Consultant will liaise with them in advance of their visit. Advice and expectancy setting will be given as appropriate.  Prior to the assignee’s arrival, the local consultant will conduct research within the specified search area, compiling an itinerary of the most suitable available housing.  Additional appointments for visits to work place, schools and any other specific locations may also be included.

Upon arrival the consultant will meet with the assignee and family to explain the itinerary and answer any questions.  They will then travel around the area viewing properties as planned.

At the end of each tour they will take time to discuss the day’s events and plan the following itinerary; properties will be added or removed accordingly.  At the end of each search day, the consultant will compile and send an update to the Gerson Relocation Case Manager via email, highlighting any issues or problems and of course, successes.  The days will be planned so that each one focuses more closely on what usually becomes the final choice of location and then property. 


Temporary Accommodation

Gerson Relocation will assist in determining the optimum and most cost-efficient temporary housing solution for the host country in question.  In the majority of cases, the most cost-effective option will be short-term serviced accommodation.  Gerson Relocation will coordinate all temporary housing in the home and/or host location, consistent with the company’s temporary housing policy guidelines

Gerson Relocation will pre-pay all costs associated with temporary accommodation, car rental and other incidentals within the company’s policy.   Gerson Relocation will track and report all expenses to the company Expat Advisor.


Lease / Purchase Negotiation

This will be carried out by the local consultant who is experienced in all aspects of the property rental (or purchase) processes within that nation.  Working within the set policy, administering client company leases or landlord leases as applicable, we will negotiate and process the best possible deal on our client’s behalf.  We will work with the nominated client contacts as appropriate, ensuring a speedy process of contract preparation and signature as well as the movement of the correct amount of funds at the set time.  There will be ongoing advice and reporting throughout this process.


Inventory Check-in & Check-out

Gerson Relocation authorises a professional, independent Inventory Clerk to conduct a thorough survey of the property in advance of the tenancy start date to log its contents and condition.

Digital photographs are taken and included in a detailed report, a copy of which is held by the assignee and a copy held by Gerson Relocation. This information is critical to the successful negotiation of the return of the security deposits at the end of the tenancy. Wherever possible, the check-out is conducted by the same independent professional Inventory Clerk assigned to the check-in service. The original inventory check-in report is used to gauge any actual changes made to the property and is evidence against any unfair claims for damages by the Landlord/Agent.


Furniture Rental

It is not uncommon for there to be a delay between the lease start date and the arrival of household goods.  Where this occurs, Gerson Relocation can arrange for rented furniture packs to be installed, allowing the relocating family to live in their new accommodation comfortably until their personal goods can be delivered.  We will also arrange for supplementary items to be installed as required.

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