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Education Advice

Level One: School Search Incorporated with Accompanied Home Search  

A general school search can be incorporated with the Home Search.   This is suited for families who already have a good understanding of the UK education system.

The Home Search consultant will identify school options, both State and Independent, as well as nurseries in the new area.  Prior to arrival, the consultant will provide the family with relevant websites including the link for Ofsted.  Location of nurseries, schools and information on catchment area (for State schools) will be incorporated during the home search viewings.  The consultant will make appointments with International schools and nurseries on behalf of the family where required. Appointments will not be made with State schools as applications will not be considered prior to a permanent address being secured.


Education Advice

Level Two:  Education Consultancy & School Search  

The Gerson Relocation Education Consultant will contact the assignee to:

a) explain the UK education system and

b) advise on how this may differ from their current circumstances

The Consultant will then guide the discussion to identify the individual children’s needs.

With existing knowledge and additional research as required, the Consultant will provide information about appropriate schools within the identified potential living area.  As required, the Consultant will provide a written report describing the UK system and the education options available, and arrange for school prospectuses to be sent to the family.

The consultant will arrange appointments for the parents to view the schools identified and counsel the parents on the questions they should ask and features they should be looking for when visiting the schools.

Following the school visits, the Consultant will speak to the family by telephone to discuss their reactions and assist them in the selection of the most appropriate school.  The Consultant will talk them through the application procedures and any other action that may need to be taken.



Gerson Relocation’s settling-in service has been created to support the assignee and their family gain confidence in their new home and surroundings.

We offer assistance with local registrations (i.e. doctor, dentist etc.), opening a bank account, obtaining a host country driver’s license, leasing or purchasing a vehicle and insurance, connection of utilities, home contents insurance etc.

Our representative will also assist with the familiarisation of the community, available social and recreational facilities, and any special needs including:


  •     Local businesses
  •     Baby sitting
  •     Transportation
  •     Shops and shopping
  •     Social groups
  •     Leisure activities
  •     Places of worship
  •     Other services as required


A welcome pack is also provided, with additional information to cover area maps, commuting routes, local points of interest, A-Z Guide, Restaurant Guide, International Adaptor.



Gerson Relocation provides a comprehensive Partner Job Assistance Programme.  Services vary from resume preparation to comprehensive job search consultation.  The four key services of partner job assistance are:


  •     Job search consultation
  •     Pre-move employment prospective
  •     Job search guide
  •     CV/Resume preparation




Gerson Relocation offers training in most languages, including English as a second language.  Training can be delivered via face-to-face instruction at the home, on-site or online.  The language programmes will provide participants the opportunity to improve their spoken proficiency and use pronunciation, as well as their listening, reading and writing skills.  A ‘Placement Test’ is used for participants with some language proficiency, in 60+ hour programmes, to customise the training.

Individual Instruction

A minimum commitment of 30 hours is required to set up a fully customized language programme, and on-going lessons are billed in 30-hour increments. To maximize progress, 2-3 lessons for at least 1.5 hours are recommended. Scheduling is flexible and the frequency of length of lessons can be adjusted as necessary.

Programme Structure:

  • A thorough needs analysis is conducted prior to the program to obtain the participant’s goals, learning styles, and needs.
  • Curriculum is customized to meet the participant’s needs. Specific industry and business language, including email and written correspondence, phone skills and presentations, is included to make the language program as useful as possible.
  • Blend of materials and teaching techniques to best fit individual needs.
  • Progress and proficiency is monitored through the Common European Framework Reference scale.


Assessments are conducted after every 30 hours to measure the participant’s progress. Teachers assess the participant’s current proficiency level, reflect on goals that were achieved, identify challenges, and set goals for the next 30-hour training module.


Online Language Training

Gerson Relocation offers 6-month and 12-month licenses to Rosetta Stone, a leading language-learning software. Rosetta Stone uses a natural method of teaching a new language directly, without translation. Gerson Relocation can also recommend other language-learning software to better fit a client’s specific needs or budget.

These online tools enrich face-to-face language training with supplemental reinforcement activities. Students can log on at home, while traveling or wherever they have internet access.

Additionally, 1-1 instruction is available over Skype and other online video conferencing programs.

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