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Will you have my goods unpacked on delivery ?

Yes of course. Furniture is unpacked and placed in the rooms you want in the position you want and any item that has been disassembled will normally be reassembled. Any cartons we have packed will be unpacked and contents placed on to flat surfaces. All waste materials will be removed by our partner on the day of delivery.

What if I don’t have a house or apartment ready to move into?

No problem ! We can either hold the goods in the country of origin and delay the shipment, or we can have our partner in the destination country hold the goods for you there after arrival. We both have good, dry, professional, secure storage facilities and we can also arrange to extend transit insurance cover whilst the goods are held in store.

What will I need to do for Customs in my destination country?

If you are moving from the UK to a non-EU country, we will have advised you before packing what documents we need you to complete for customs clearance in your destination country or what processes will have to be gone through when you arrive there. If you are moving from the UK to an EU country, there is free movement of goods and no forms are necessary.

How do I know when my shipment has left and who do I contact to arrange delivery ?

If your shipment is moving by sea or air, we will advise you of the transit schedule of your shipment, normally after packing has been completed, and at that time we will also inform you of the contact details of our partner in your destination country. If your shipment is by road within Europe, we will let you know what day and time our truck is due to arrive with you.

Are there any items I cannot include in move ?

Yes. You should not ask us to carry and we will not knowingly carry :-  

  • Hazardous materials of any kind – paint, aerosols, petrol, diesel, oils or any   explosive / flammable materials  
  • Guns, firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind
  • Refrigerated or frozen food or drink  
  • Animals (we can ship live pets for you separately!) 
  • Pornography, prohibited or stolen goods, controlled substances or drugs
  • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, securities, bank   notes/coins/cash, stamps or medals  
  • Plants by sea or air


Can I pack goods myself ?

You can load cartons yourself but the tops should be left open for our packing crew to inspect and confirm the contents for security , customs, and insurance reasons

What time will your crew arrive and when do they stop work?

If we are packing up a full household, we would normally be with you between 8 & 9 am and depart by about 4 pm. This will though depend on location and size of shipment. Your move coordinator will contact you the day before the work to let you know what time our staff will arrive.

How much notice do you need to book my move ?

Normally 2 weeks is enough but as early as possible is best ! In the peak period of June to September, we can be ‘sold out’ at certain times so the sooner you can book, the easier it is.

What do other clients say about you ?

Please click here  to see a cross section of our customer feedback.

What tips can you give me to help choose a quality mover ?

I want a trouble-free and quality move as well as one that provides value for money :  what tips can you give me to help choose a quality mover ?

Firstly,  choose a mover that is part of the Overseas Group of the British Association of Removers (BAR), our UK trade association. BAR inspects its members every two years so we are expected to keep standards high. In addition, Overseas Group members of BAR give you an advance payment guarantee scheme similar to that run in the travel industry by ABTA so,  in the event of your mover getting into financial difficulty , payments you have made are protected.  Secondly, choose a mover who is also a member of FIDI, our  worldwide trade association. FIDI runs a quality management system called ‘FAIM’ (FIDI Accredited International Mover)  under which all members are periodically inspected for the quality of their work process systems. Thirdly, choose a mover that is a specialist overseas mover. Many removal companies in the UK are domestic or office or factory movers first, and overseas moving is just another activity for them. Here at Gerson Relocation we only actively pursue and perform overseas moves. Finally, does the  mover employ their own staff or do they only use sub-contractors ? Here at Gerson Relocation we continue to employ our own fully trained professional staff  who are all CRB cleared to do the vast majority of our work and their average length of service with us is over 12 years. So just to recap, that’s

  • Choose a  mover that’s in the Overseas Group of BAR
  • Choose a mover that’s a FIDI member
  • Choose a mover that is an overseas specialist
  • Choose a mover that employs their own staff

If you do these 4 things you will have a strong chance of success with your choice of mover!


Can you arrange insurance for me ?

Yes we can. Our competitive cover is through Royal & Sun Alliance for full replacement value based on the values that you indicate to us on your insurance proposal form, and our insurers will cover you for that total value. The insurance premium is then rated at a percentage of the value that you have declared : this percentage rate will be specified in our quotation

After you have viewed what I have to move, what will your price include ?

Normally, we will give you a price for ‘door-to-door’ service and this will include our labour to pack your goods, our packing materials, the cost of freight by sea or air or by road depending on where you are going, customs clearance in the country of destination, delivery and unpacking at your new home. Typically, insurance, any storage charges, and government charges (taxes or duties) are not included. However, our written quotation will specify all that is included

Do you need to come and see what I am moving?

Ideally yes as this will allow us to prepare an accurate fixed lump sum price for your move as well as allowing us to take account of the access to the property where you live and properly look after any special items you have

How long before I am leaving the country should I start to organise my move ?

Try to allow about 6 - 8 weeks from starting the process to packing date

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