Frequently Asked Questions



What is the best way to stack my things in the storage unit ?

Place the most frequently used items near the front of the container, with heavier items on the bottom and lighter or more fragile items on the top

Is there a minimum storage period ?

Yes, four weeks

Can I store fridges/freezers and other large appliances ?

Yes. Make sure they are thoroughly defrosted and or dry, and drain all water from washing machines and dishwashers

Can I buy packing materials from you ?

Yes, we keep a stock of new materials including sofa and mattress covers, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, woollen blankets , and assorted sizes of cartons both new and recycled

Do I need to make a list of what I put into store ?

It’s not a requirement but we do recommend it so you can remember things

The team who came to pack our house were absolutely brilliant, very happy with them.
- July 2016

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