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Policy Audit & Best Practice Support

Bringing many years of experience in policy writing and advice, Gerson Relocation  consultants will review the current requirements, future plans and past experiences of the client.  We will then make a proposal for the most effective approach to relocation and will assist with policy recommendations.  This will be then be complemented by regular reviews, reporting on industry changes and best practice recommendations


Relocation Team - Training Programmes

Gerson Relocation consultants will deliver training to the client’s relocation team members as required, either in-house, at the Gerson Relocation facility or other establishment as appropriate. The experience and advice of Gerson Relocation specialists covering all or any of the various disciplines can be given to new team members and as an ongoing programme of development.


Visa & Work Permit - Consultancy

Gerson Relocation will use experienced Visa/Work Permit specialists in the UK or a country specialist as appropriate to manage the Visa and Work Permit application process for your assignees around the world.  We ensure that the necessary documents are available and complete the required paperwork and then submit the application for a visa and/or work permit.  The service includes progress chasing the application and arranging for pick up and delivery to the employee.  Advice and guidance to you and your employees on Visa restrictions and availability will also form part of the service.


Group Move Planning

Clients who are planning the relocation of groups of employees can benefit from Gerson Relocation consultant’s experience in setting up and implementing group moves.  Gerson Relocation will simply advise or can put the whole process into operation, dependant upon your needs.


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