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Welcome / Information Packs

In addition to obtaining as much relevant information from the assignee to help us prepare for their visit, Gerson Relocation will provide additional assistance in the form of an information pack.  Using our comprehensive databases, Gerson Relocation will compile a personal package of information for an individual or group of assignees.  This will cover information on the targeted destination area such as; area maps, commuting routes distances and times, examples of available property, local points of interest, schooling, etc;  In addition, we will link any useful we sites for immediate access.

Welcome Pack:

  • A-Z Guide
  • Utilities and guide to services, internet, telecoms, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Local and area information
  • International Adapter 


Cross Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training is employee, family and often project-specific, always based on the individual needs of those in transition.  The training focuses on understanding how to do successful business as well as adapting to living in the new country.


Orientation / Look See Visits

This service is delivered typically over one or two days, and includes the preparation of a personalised tour of the targeted location.  The orientation tour is tailored to meet the needs and the schedule of the assignee,  and will include:

  • Area Information
  • Accompanied tour including the new/proposed work location
  • Major points of interest
  • Examples of suggested housing areas/types/pricing
  • Commuter routes
  • Schools
  • Shopping
  • Hospitals
  • Any specifically required locations


The orientation will conclude with a question and answer session to ensure that we have provided sufficient information for the assignee and their family.  Where used as an introduction to the rented property search programme, the service is designed to lead into property search.


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