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Gerson Relocation’s tenancy management services are designed and managed to enable clients to offload significant administrative burdens, while retaining full financial and operating control.

Gerson Relocation maintains support for the assignee throughout the duration of their assignment, to:

  • Effect prompt resolution of any issues arising during the course of a tenancy.
  • Arranging the best terms for any tenancy extensions.
  • Ensure both the landlord and assignee fulfil their respective obligations
  • Minimise inconvenience and/or cost to the assignee and client.


Service scope and process is tailored in consultation with each client but usually includes some or all of the following:


  • Documentation and Tenancy Review – Advise assignee and client of potential issues highlighted by the review (such as non-standard responsibilities or restrictions, or potential items which might incur costs) and establish action plan where appropriate.
  • Tenancy Management – Prompt resolution of any issues arising during the course of a tenancy.
  • Tenancy Renewal – to monitor and communicate upcoming expirations, and negotiate and secure renewal terms where appropriate.


Interim checks – To reduce the risk of the assignee damaging the property or failing to meet occupier obligations (in particular, reporting property issues to the landlord), thereby minimising the likelihood of claims damages and repairs and ensuring all maintenance issues are identified and handled appropriately.


Assignees Property Management / Vacant Property Reports

Where relocating employees are away on assignment, Gerson Relocation will assume the responsibility for their vacant properties.  Correct set-up, regular property visits and comprehensive reporting ensure the assignee’s peace of mind whilst they are overseas.  Gerson Relocation can also assist with supervising employee’s tenanted properties.

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